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" Welcome to Walona`s website.
The company was established in 1989 in Sofia city , Bulgaria with intention to plastic injection moulding and exploitation of matrix for our costumers.
I sincerely hope that we will be useful for you and your business. "


Physical properties of plastics

Plastics have a low density (1,1-1,4 kg / m 3), i.e. several times less than that of metals. These properties, combined with great strength of plastic products, a wide range of opportunities for replacing metals with plastics.

Plastics have good elektroizolirashti properties, water resistance, high chemical resistance, and in some cases good termoustoychivost.

Polymers compositions are distinguished by a large corrosion resistance. Chemical agents such as oxygen, mineral and organic acids, bases and salts are not running. This determines the priority use for the protection of metal equipment from corrosion.

Chemical properties of plastics

Much of chemically resistant plastics - do not react to the effects of salts, acids and bases. Difficult to decompose, and water are gazonepropusklivi.
Plastics are high carbon containing substances. Their molecules consist of long carbon chains, which are due and their useful properties. The very word plastic comes from the Latin word plasticus (prone to sampling) and the Greek plastikos (suitable for shaping). May produce different types of plastics - solid as a rock, strong as steel, transparent as glass, light, resembling a tree, elastic as rubber. Also plastics are lightweight, watertight, resistant to chemical agents and can be manufactured in all colors. Some are more than 50 types of plastics, while developing new species. Like metals, plastics are divided into different species. For example, naylonat kind of plastic, which is shared according to different properties, price and type of production and process. Plastics can be mixed to form alloys such as metals. It aims to combine the desired properties of several plastic one. Plastics can be easily mold. These are synthetic materials that are produced mainly from fossil fuels.Plastics materials obtained on the basis of natural and synthetic polymers, which under certain conditions exhibit plasticity and can be made in time izdeliya.Dneshno produced over 250 million tons of plastics godishno.Plastmasite have a density, strength, insulation svoistva, vodoustochivost, Chemical ustoichivost great opportunity for fast and series production of products by casting and plastic shtampovane.Nedostatatsite are their low termoustoichivost, hardness and small sklonostta to rapid aging. Composition of the plastics is a binding agent - polimer.Kam It added fillers, plasticiser, stabilizers, and itsvetiteli dr.Edni of the first plastics were obtained from phenol and formaldehid.Poluchenite they bear the name Fenolformaldehidni polymers smoli.Ot they produce three types Plastics - bakelite, fly fenoplasti and laminar fenoplasti. Fenolformaldehidnite resins are termoreaktivni polimeri.Te omrezhavat be at high temperature and pressure.

Main types of plastics:








Bottles for soft drinks and water packs biscuits, salad dressing, etc..

Recycled in the filling for pillows, clothing, bottles, parquet.

polyethylene (high pressure)


(High Density)

Shopping bags, bags for the freezer, bottles for milk, ice cream boxes and juice bottles for shampoo and detergents for cleaning

Garbage bags and containers for detergents


Plastifitsiran (PVC-P)


Neplastifitsiran (PVC-U) polyvinyl chloride

Cosmetics boxes, insulation of electrical appliances, fittings, blister packs, facing materials and bottles

Flooring, cables, packaging, wheel guards, seals, pads and mats

polyethylene (low pressure)


(low density)

Garbage bins, soft bottles, garbage bags

Flow bands and bases for pallets



Straws, plates of microwave, garden plastic cups

Rubbish bins, packaging for batteries, funnels



Boxes of CD / DVD, imitation glass cups, toys, video cassettes

Hangers, pads and bowl



Penoobrazni cups for hot drinks, containers for hot food, protection from elements finely broken

Hangers, pads and bowl

(The letters show characters in the ISO code for the type of plastic - SAN, ABS, PC, Nylon, etc.).

Parts for cars, computers, electronics, termusni bottles, packaging

Parts for cars and parts for industry