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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to produce plastic products?
To be manufactured plastic parts it is necessary to design tooling - a mold (molds). It is mounted on the injection molding machine. Came out of it ready in a large amount of details.

2. What is needed to prepare an offer?
The more information you get about the detail of which will be made an offer the more accurate it will be.
The main things that we need are:

Visualization of detail / 3D model drawing, picture, sample, etc.. /
- Main dimensions
- Weight
- Type of material
- Quantity in Order
- Specific customer requirements, if any. / assembly, packaging, transportation, time /
Detailed drawing or detail to us enough to start with. The sample will be stored and returned, if you want.

3. Could the production of plastic parts in small series?
In need of a small series of parts is unprofitable to use tooling (mold). Workpiece is possible by purely mechanical actions such as turning, milling and more. Unfortunately the company does not make these kind of services.

4. Do you do installation?
Yes. The territory of "Wallonia" it is possible to arrange installation by qualified personnel for assembling your details.

5. What is the warranty period of tooling manufactured by your company?
Molds produced by our company and used for the production of plastic products from us with a lifetime warranty.

6. Do you produce plastic details with the customers mold?
Yes. Your mold (mold) will be storage and safekeeping for us, which is issued the document. We will do its maintenance at our expense. Plastic parts will be produced on schedule or on explicit request from you.

7. Do you offer plating of plastic parts?
Unfortunately we do not offer this kind of servic

8. Do you provide transportation?
The territory of Safia can provide free transport. All other cities is a matter of arrangement.

9. Does your company dealing with recycling of plastic?
No. Our company is not involved in the recycling of plastics.

10. Other questions
In the event of any questions about our company or in the production of plastic parts and tooling, please do not hesitate to let us know.