About Us

"Walona" is a private company, founded in 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In the beginning of our business we started to produce small rubber and plastic parts, ordered on demand. During the years our capacity expanded and we gradually implemented to our manufacturing different injection molding machines. Now we have enough equipment to meet our customer's requirements.

"Walona" is specialized in producing plastic and rubber parts, which are needed during the production of bigger items - co-produced components. We work with companies all over the country and we can assist our customers with the design and production of the suitable molds for their plastic part. We also have highly qualified team with extensive experience in plastic injection molding.

Our partnership with the clients during the years has turned into a versatile connection. They know they can rely on our company due in terms of quality, which is highly appreciated. At the base of our business is the cooperation with the customers.

The company accepts orders, placed by the customers with a specimen or a sketch. In this case we can cooperate with the customer for the manufacturing of the mould. In case the customer has the necessary injection tool, we offer the price only for the producing of the component.

The current role we have in our customer's projects demands taking part of them in an earlier stage. This means extremely well knowing the materials and processes, experience in the design and production of a variety of different details, which ensures the fastest and economically effective produce.

We start with the design of the product and continue with manufacturing, assembling, packaging and logistics. The combination of all these services gives us the flexibility to react immediately when there are new deadlines placed. On the other hand, this gives you the security that all happens in one place and you do not need to engage several different companies for the whole process.
We will be happy to provide you with free, uninvolving advice, so you will know which of our services are most suitable for your product. Our qualified personnel will provide help with any of the services mentioned, so your product to be in the market in time and with perfect quality.

We provide a list of our services:

  • - Design, drawing, 3D Model (if you do not have)
  • - Project management
  • - Tool making (if you do not have)
  • - Injection Moulding
  • - Assembling
  • - Special packaging
  • - Labels printing
  • - Labels setting
  • - Storage
  • - Logistics to any point in Bulgaria

Here is how we are working:

  • - We will take any of your existing moulds.
  • - We will make trials and provide you with free samples..
  • - Depending on the material, we will use our own, ask you to provide us with it or ask you to prepay the minimum quantity, needed for the manufacturing of the detail.
  • - We will rate your mould condition.
  • - We will provide you with advice for any modification of the mould needed, which will lead to reducing the detail's price for production.
  • - We will place an offer for the manufacturing of the detail, based on the trial we have made for you.

Working process:

  • - We take an order for production of details according to the client's templete or from drawing.
  • - We sign a contract for manufacturing.
  • - Cooperate for the manufacturing of the necessary mould.
  • - We'll make samples.
  • - We'll produce ordered details and will package by your requirements.
  • - We'll stick the labels.
  • - We'll store it.
  • - We'll make logistics to your preferred location.