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Walona is a private company, founded in 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In the beginning of our business we used to manufacture small rubber and plastic articles. During the years our capacity widened and we gradually implemented to our manufacturing different injection moulding machines. Right now we have at our customers' disposal injection moulding machines and matrixes

Walona is specialized in producing plastic and rubber details, which are needed during the production of larger items - co-manufactured components. We work with companies all over the country and we can assist our customers with the design and production of the suitable matrix for their plastic detail. We also have highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in plastic injection moulding.
Our partnership with the clients during the years has turned into a versatile connection. They know they can rely on our company due to terms and quality, which is highly appreciated. At the base of our business is the cooperation with the customers.



We manufacture parts and articles not only with our own materials, but with materials, provided from the customer.
Since the beginning of 2011 our company met the international quality standard ISO 9001 - 2008


We have the ability and the willingness to solve your specific production problems in the field, which we work in.


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